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Playmate Chameleon Series Ball Machines

Playmate™ Chameleon Series Ball Machines

The Chameleon Series from Playmate™ allows you to easily upgrade the features of your ball machine within seconds by simply unplugging one controller and plugging in the other. Tennis clubs can purchase one ball machine and use the simplest controller, the Smash box, for rentals and a more powerful controller, like the Genie box, for teaching or running clinics.

All Chameleon series ball machines are also compatible with the Freedom Kit, which allows the control box to operate wirelessly from across the court.

The Playmate™ Chameleon series ball machines are all compatible with all Playmate™ Serve Lift. This is a great addition to any tennis facility offering practice with the most important shot in tennis, the serve return. The elevation of the ball machine also creates a realistic high slice for a truly game-like environment.

Click on any Playmate™ Chameleon model in the Product Menu to see its full description and order online for immediate delivery.

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Superior Features of the Playmate™ Chameleon Series

Playmate All Aluminum Construction Playmate™ uses an all aircraft aluminum construction for optimal durability, light weight and rust-free performance.
Playmate Chameleon Rear Mounted Control Box Convenient rear-mounted conrols are easy-to-use and with the Chameleon Series, upgradable and interchangeable.
Playmate Chameleon Superior Mechanical Components Superior engineering and only the best mechanical components go into a Playmate™ ball machine.
Playmate Superior Polyurethane Pitching Wheels Best-in-industry polyurethane pitching wheels. They really last!
Playmate Chameleon Models are compatable with the Playmate Serve Lift All Playmate Chameleon Series ball machines are compatible with the Playmate™ Serve Lift.

Playmate Chemeleon Series Ball Machines
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We're proud to be among the top sellers of Playmate™ ball machines and we'll strive to earn your respect and satisfaction.

Coach Bobby Bayliss Testimonial

"My Playmate ball machines from Active Sports are an important asset to my tennis program. They are easy to use and replicate patterns of match play to help our players reach their maximum potential."


Coach Bobby Bayliss,
University of Notre Dame