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Playmate Tennis Ball Machines

Playmate™ GrandSlam

The name says it all! The Playmate GrandSlam is the fastest ball machine in the world. It can throw any type of spin, including:
 • Left-handed slice
 • Right-handed slice
 • Left-handed kick
 • Right-handed kick
 • American twist

The Slam can land a 120 mph serve every time. It can randomly serve to a player up the "T", at the body or out wide. The unique four-wheel design allows the Slam to grip the tennis ball like no other machine in the world.

Features of the Playmate™ GrandSlam

  • • Seven distinct programmable shots, each with its own speed, spin, elevation and delay
  • • Programmable random shot sequence
  • • Great for enhancing ball recognition skills
  • • Upgradeable and interchangeable - accepts all Chameleon series controllers
  • • Holds 300 balls
  • • Seven position programmable electronic direction with programmable random
  • • Variable electronic height
  • • Rear-mounted, user-friendly control box
  • • Compatible with Playmate™ Serve Lift
  • • Two-function remote control (on/off with drill reset)
  • • Aircraft aluminum construction for optimal durability
  • • Three-year limited parts warranty
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Parts and Accessories for the Playmate Grandslam Playmate™ Parts & Accessories

A Closer Look at the Playmate™ GrandSlam

Playmate Grandslam control panel   Playmate Grandslam has 4 pitching wheels   Playmate Grandslam sideview
The GrandSlam's control box makes it easy to utilize all the features of this amazing machine.   The GrandSlam has a unique 4 wheel design to grip and spin the ball like no other machine.   Side view of the GrandSlam showing the rear mounted control panel.

Product ID PBGS01
MSRP $8,675.00

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Playmate Grandslam Ball Machine
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