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Playmate Tennis Ball Machines

Playmate™ Serve Lift

Upgrade your new ball machine with a Playmate Serve Lift and experience an amazing game-like practice.

Not only can the Serve Lift help you practice the most important shot in tennis, the serve return, but it can do so much more. Your opponent often hits a slice with the racquet high in the air, so practice a realistic slice that comes from a naturally elevated position to create a truly game-like environment.

Features of the Playmate™ Serve Lift

  • • Practice defensive lobs against the ball machine's overhead
  • • Practice Poaching by Reading the Ball Machine's Wide or Inside Serve
  • • "Safety first" stable design
  • • Aircraft aluminum construction for optimal durability
  • • Three-year limited parts warranty

If you're serious about improving your game, especially the serve return, the Serve Lift is ideal. By elevating your ball machine it can accurately imitate a human serve, allowing you to experience a realistic game environment to advance your game.

Serve Lift Compatability

The Playmate™ Ace and all the Playmate™ Chameleon series ball machines are compatible with the Serve Lift.

A Closer Look at the Playmate™ Serve Lift

Playmate Serve Lift folds down   Playmate machines mount easily on the Serve Lift   Convenient Control Panel mounting
The Playmate™ Serve Lift folds down for easy transport and storage.   Playmate™ ball machines mount easily and securely to the Serve Lift.   The ball machine's control panel mounts low on the back of the Serve Lift for convenient access.

Product ID PSL01
MSRP $5,995.00

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Playmate Serve Lift
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