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Playmate Tennis Ball Machines

Playmate™ iSmash

The Playmate iSmash is the base model of the Chameleon Series of ball machines. It is totally upgradeable all the way up to the Playmate™ PC. Since the control units of the Chameleon Series machines are interchangable, you can purchase this machine now knowing you can later upgrade it to a Playmate™ Deuce, Genie or PC. Its simple controls make this machine ideal for club members.

The new easy to use iSmash control box allows for electronic adjustment of ball height, speed, top spin or back spin, and feed rate as well as seven position programmable electronic direction with programmable randomization.

Features of the Playmate™ iSmash

  • • Variable topspin and backspin
  • • Seven position programmable electronic direction with programmable randomization
  • • Holds 300 balls
  • • Variable electronic height control
  • • Rear-mounted, user-friendly control box
  • • Compatible with Playmate™ Serve Lift
  • • Two-function remote control (on/off with drill reset)
  • • Aircraft aluminum construction for optimal durability
  • • Three-year limited parts warranty
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Parts and Accessories for the Playmate Smash Playmate™ Parts & Accessories

A Closer Look at the Playmate™ iSmash

Playmate iSmash Control Box   Playmate iSmash has the Highest Quality Components   Playmate iSmash Ball Machine Sideview
With the iSmash control box it's simple to utilize all the machine's features.   The iSmash ball machine is made from the highest quality components.   Side view of the iSmash showing the rear mounted control panel.

Product ID PBS01
MSRP $5,495.00

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Playmate Smash Ball Machine
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